Get the real story of the “Spygate” scandal and the events leading up to the forced resignation of Hewlett-Packard’s CEO Mark Hurd in “The Big Lie” by investigative journalist Anthony Bianco.

Published in May, 2010, a few months before Hurd’s firing, Bianco’s expose argues that it was evident as long ago as 2006—Hurd’s second year on the job—that he lacked the moral character to run HP.

“If there is a universal lesson that can be drawn from the multitudinous (corporate) scandals of the last decade it is this: Character matters in the end, if not always in the beginning,” writes Bianco, foreshadowing Hurd’s demise. “The point is not merely that moral character is as important to long-run success in business, government or even professional sports as competency, but that it is an essential component of competency. By this standard, Mark Hurd falls short as a corporate leader.”

What’s next for HP? To get the lowdown about the company’s spectacularly checkered past and what it portends for the future read ”The Big Lie.”

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